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How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms? | Brighten the Skin


Dark coloration of skin under underarms are not always a symptom of some medical condition. The result can be a cause of skin’s exposure to some element like suntan. Some of the major causes of dark underarms are excessive sweating, shaving, regular use of hair removing creams, accumulation of dead skin

How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss


Everyone desires to look slim and sexy. A perfect body figure is not only the demand of every woman but even men want to groom themselves by having perfect posture. Losing that ugly pounds and getting into shape is a momentous achievement and need a celebration for sure, But for

How to Get Rid of Frown lines?


Frown lines, laugh lines, glabella lines, forehead furrows, creases – whatever you call them, they are not supposed to be on your face. Frown lines in many ways gives us unattractive looks and thus can sometimes decrease our self confidence among mass people. Frown lines are also called “11 lines”

How to Get Rid of Dark Neck Skin?


Many people suffer from dark skin patches around their neck and back. It is the common skin pigmentation disorder known as acanthosis nigricans. It is not contagious nor infectious. Look yourself at your face in a small hand mirror and then switch to look yourself in tall mirror and down to

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes Naturally

remove puffy eyes

You don't always need 8 hours of sleep to look fresh and awake in the morning. In fact, there are various unexpected way to de-puff your under eye puffiness and look wide awake. Having puffy eyes in the morning can be very annoying if you have a big ahead. Having

How to lose weight naturally?


Massive weight is becoming a common issue in the world right now. It is so common that now it is not even considered it as a “issue”. But we all know that having extra weight, can cause many health problems. It is said that “too much of anything is bad”.

How to remove baggy or fluffy eyes quickly?


Eyebag and Eyelid surgery is becoming the popular demand of the modern era. It is not limited to celebrities only but also the common people are opting for this method to get attractive look. Various reasons like muscle weakness, stress, aging, sun damage often results in this condition. Having a