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Diet Plan for Type 2 Diabetes Patient


Diabetes patients are increasing day by day. Nearly 5 in 10 people are suffering from Diabetes. About 3.2 million people in United Kingdom alone suffer from diabetes. Losing weight has many health benefits especially if you are suffering from type 2 diabetes. It can help you to have better control over blood sugar levels. But the diet plan for Type 2 Diabetes is different from other.
Losing weight is the top priority of fat people. But for those are suffering from type 2 diabetes, from them weight control is very important. “Carrying excess pounds can make managing blood sugar difficult and it is seen that most of the people with type 2 diabetes are overweight,” According to a survey people with high body mass index or BMI (overweight or obese) have the greater their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Losing weight and putting off extra weight is no doubt very difficult but not impossible. The benefits of losing weight are great with diabetes. Health experts say that the right way to lose weight is to include healthy diet along with your overall diabetes management plan.

Even if you may not be experiencing any symptoms of having high blood sugar level, but it is still recommended to manage your everyday diet plan and your weight to avoid serious health issues in future. By keeping your sugar levels in check, you can reverse your diabetes and can delay the requirement of insulin and medication. Losing weight not only manages your diabetes but also improve overall fitness of your body which gives you the proper health for lifetime.


Insulin is a hormone which function is extract glucose from our blood vessels and supply them to our cells thus giving them enough energy to work properly. In type 2 diabetes, obesity is the major risk factor because excess of fat around the cells becomes a barrier which reduces the functionality of insulin to extract glucose from blood vessel. This ultimately results in the increment of blood sugar level.

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Type 2 Diabetes

Eat Breakfast

The effective diabetes diet plan include breakfast. Experts recommend not skipping your morning meal as it may lead to overeating in the rest of the day. This can sabotage with your weight-loss plans and can cause your blood sugar levels to rush. Studies suggest that having breakfast, especially if you are having cereal. Cereal is better for weight loss try to have it in your breakfast if you are on as track of losing weight.

Physical Activities

Exercise is very important for both mental and physical fitness. “Researchers show that those who reduce regular calorie intake along with increase in physical activity will lose more body fat than people who only diet.” According to the health experts 40% people lost 30 or more pounds by proper body exercise while, only 9 % reached and maintained their weight-loss goal without doing exercise. For most of the people walking is the only of exercise.

Cut Calories

The number of calories one should take depends on number of factors, including age, gender, activity level, current weight, and body type of the people on a diabetes diet. Level-headed goal for people with type 2 diabetes for women is between 1,200 and 1,800 calories per day and for men it is between 1,400 and 2,000 calories per day.

Have Feast on Fibre

If your diabetes diet plan includes lost of fibre then you are actually doing flavor on your type 2 diabetes. Having generous amounts of fibre can help you to lower your blood sugar levels and even speed up your weight loss. According to a study person who consumed most fibre-rich foods had the least amount of body fat. Just aim for 3 days of fibre-loaded fruits, beans, vegetables, and whole grains. Have fibre-rich legumes, like chickpeas and black beans, in your soups, and salads.

Eat small meals

Diabetes diet plan is better having three or more small meals than having a diet plan which includes one or two big meals. Having large meal can cause blood sugar levels to rush, while having the smaller meals will keep your glucose levels lower after eating. Moreover having small meals throughout the day will keep your hunger in control and calorie intake that lead to faster weight loss.

Set small goals

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight neither should you try to transform your body all at once. There can be many ways to transform your body all at once but don’t try them. Instead of it take small steps like walking around your blocks a week; decrease your desserts from daily to once. Never try to take a long jump.

Get Motivation

Stay motivated to your weight-loss plan and you can do this by connecting to other people to get emotional support so that you don’t avoid giving up. Support comes in different forms try to find that support so that you get stuck on your plan.

Use certain tricks to prevent overeating. Sometimes some strategies can help you to pare pounds and prevent you going on boring diet plan.

Tips for Type 2 Diabetes Patient

  • Fill up low-calorie foods” “Start your day with the lowest calorie meal” if you get to that food you won’t be so hungry.
  • Change your salad dressing: Rather than pouring or sprinkling dressing over your salad, dip your fork in other dish of dressing and start munching your salad.
  • Choose a busy hobby: If you’re idle then you will be prone to eating. Keep yourself busy with knitting, crossword puzzles, scrap booking, or gardening.
  • Carry toothbrush and toothpaste: Brushing your teeth with peppermint-flavoured toothpaste can prevent your hunger.
  • Arrive fashionably late to parties: Arrive late at parties and spend less time near the buffet table so that you can eat less.
  • Continue your healthy eating habit and exercise regularly to reach your weight-loss goal.

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