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How to Get Rid of Frown lines?


Frown lines, laugh lines, glabella lines, forehead furrows, creases – whatever you call them, they are not supposed to be on your face. Frown lines in many ways gives us unattractive looks and thus can sometimes decrease our self confidence among mass people. Frown lines are also called “11 lines” sometimes. Frown gives your face aged and tired look even when you are well rested. Frown lines can occur due to sun exposure, muscular contraction, smoking, family genetics, etc. Frown lines don’t occur in overnight, everyday activity and small-small carelessness leads to this state. To reverse the frown lines is not a one-day task, but if you be consistent and determined then you can easily get rid of frown lines as soon as possible.

Our eyes and eyebrows play an important role showing our emotions. Having a bad shaped frown lines on face can send a negative message unwillingly. Experts have found out in an experiment that people with furrowed brows generate negative emotion over positive one. No one wants negativity in their lives as all we ever want is happiness and positivity in life. When we have frown lines on forehead, it makes us appear look tensed and stressed, even when we are not. It is also a vice-versa situation where frown lines appear due to living a stressful life. All the negativity produces, there comes a point where we start getting stressed. So, better way is to avoid it from happening.

Best Treatment for Frown lines

Avocado to Get Rid of Frown lines:

Avocados are known for their natural skin friendly property. To prevent and reduce frown lines appearance you can use avocado pulp. Apply avocado pulp all over your face and leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash it off. This remedy helps you to nourish your skin and retain moisture. Avocadoes are an excellent source of Vitamin E and antioxidant which protect and repairs your body tissues and gives you young and healthy skin.

Remove Frown Lines with Castor Oil:

Another way to Get Rid of Frown Lines naturally is to use castor oil. As we all know that castor oil is very effective for skin and hair. You just need to massage your skin with castor oil. Apply castor oil on your forehead before bedtime and massage it gently. This natural skin care treatment will help you to eliminate wrinkles and make furrows and frown lines disappear.

Egg White Home Remedy to Get Rid of Frown Lines:

Egg white is the natural and excellent remedy to tighten your skin. Apply egg whites to the deep frown lines between your eyes or eyebrows on a regular basis to remove them completely from your face
This remedy will decrease the furrow lines. All you need to do is, Separate yolk from the egg white and apply it on your face using your fingertips over forehead worry lines and deep wrinkles. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Using this remedy will give you smoother, healthier looking skin without frown lines or furrows.

Use Papaya to reduce Glabella Lines:

Papaya is considered to be one of the best skin friendly fruit. Use papaya to tighten your loose skin around forehead and to decrease forehead wrinkles to the maximum level. Papaya is rich in enzymes that reduces the frown lines effectively and quickly.

Take two tablespoon of papaya pulp and mix it with 1 tablespoon of dry oatmeal. Create a thick paste.
Apply the paste on your forehead where there are signs of frown lines. Massage it for about 15 minutes then rinse it off with lukewarm water. The oatmeal present in the paste will exfoliate the skin and cleans the surface of skin to give you young, wrinkles free, and glowing skin. Enzymes present in papaya speeds up the cell renewal process to give you healthy skin.

Remove Forehead Wrinkles Using Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe Vera is one of the best natural skin treatment. Malic acid present in the aloe vera tightens the skin tissue and gives wrinkle free and young skin. All you need to do is:

  • Extract the gel the from the aloe vera leaf.
  • Apply the gel on your forehead.
  • Wash it off after 15 minutes.
Use to Milk to Decrease Glabellar Lines:

Forehead frown lines can even be reduced using milk. Dip a clean cloth in a dish of cold milk and apply it on your wrinkled area. This will keep your skin hydrated and acts as a barrier to the appearance of wrinkles. You just need to soak your skin in the milk for 20 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. The alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) present in milk helps to remove top layer of dead skin cells and refines and encourage cellular renewal as well as unclog pores.

These are few of the skin care remedies on how to get rid of frown lines. Use them regularly to diminish the appearance of frown lines naturally.

Some Effective Tips to Prevent Frown Lines:

  • Apply moisturizer to frown lines to keep your skin hydrated. Over dryness of skin can give rough and wrinkle like look.
  • Protect your face from sunlight. Major cause of frown line is continuous recurring movements. When we are exposed to sunlight, we naturally contract our eyes and the skin around forehead along with it. The daily contraction of skin around forehead and eyes can give rise to frown lines. Best way to prevent it is to use sunglasses and hat. For the good for your eye health, buy a good quality sunglass.
  • Do a regular massage on your forehead to decrease wrinkles from forehead. Relax your skin between your eyebrows.

We can conclude that the main cause of frown lines is stressed and unhealthy food. Stress gives you continuous muscles contraction around your forehead and unhealthy food accelerates ageing, thus, giving rise to wrinkles.
The best way to release stress and negative from your mind is to be happy. How can you be happy? Only you can answer this question. Everyone has different priorities and different source of origin. So, find the source of your happiness, spend time with friends and family, watch the kind of movie you like, fall in love, live your life to the fullest. Remember you are not born to pay the bills and work only. For your help, you can start doing meditation. Meditation is the key to every mind problem. It gives sense of self-consciousness, it frees your mind from burden and makes you calm and relax.

At last, I would like to suggest that prevention is better than cure, don’t get much stressed, eat healthy, live healthy so that you don’t get frown lines or wrinkles at all.

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