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How to remove baggy or fluffy eyes quickly?


Eyebag and Eyelid surgery is becoming the popular demand of the modern era. It is not limited to celebrities only but also the common people are opting for this method to get attractive look. Various reasons like muscle weakness, stress, aging, sun damage often results in this condition. Having a dull and fluffy eyes often gives us tired and stressed look even when we are active. It may require some or lot of time to get rid of fluffy or baggy eyes. If you have to go an urgent meeting or have to attend a party, you can not go with sagging and fluffy eyes. That’s why there is a temporary solution which gives your eyes fresh look and make your eyes wide open instantly.

How to get rid of fluffy or sleepy eyes? How to get rid of baggy eyes? Don’t worry, you are on the right website to get help for your problem.


Our look is the most prominent thing that people notice in the first meeting. Having baggy or tired eyes often put a bad impact in our overall personality and hence sometimes it may result in a situation where we feel low self-confidence. People always opt for surgery to counter this problem by reducing sagging or droopy upper eyelids under the eyes. The process is carried out by removing excess of skin from that area. Surgical means of reducing baggy eyes may cause certain problems to your eyes. And it is also not prices effective i.e. common people may not be able to afford it. The surgical processes are often risky as once it done, and you didn’t get what you expected then it will be very hard or close to impossible to revert back to previous state and off course it will cause you more money. Surgical process is not suitable for everyone and the actual process may have many drawbacks.

There is an alternative and much cost-effective method to avoid such risky and uncertain methods. You can cosmetically shape your eyelid strips without any high-end surgery, in the safest way possible. Eye Secrets Eyelid Lifter is a cosmetic which is surgery free ‘instant eye-lift’ that extends your puffy eyelids using light weight adhesive strips. It is mainly targeted for women who have excess skin around their upper eyelid.

Upper Eyelid Lift

Eye Secret’s Eyelid Lift provides you the best cosmetic way to lift your eyelid. The product contains adhesive strips which is to be applied on the eyelid that will help you lift the drooped eyelid in just a minute.

Cost Effective

The product is not only effective for your beauty but also equally affordable. It saves a huge amount of money and uncertainty of outcomes from the surgery. This product is very light and easy to apply as well as easy to remove depending upon your requirements.

Eye Health

Eye Secret Eyelid Lift provides the transparent adhesive so that no one can notice it. It can also be wear with makeup in just the matter of minutes. You can look nearly 10 years younger with the fresh opened eyes without any fluffy bags around your eyes. The best part is it does not leave any sticky residue on your eyelids. Thus, taking proper care of your eyes. The adhesive glue used in the product is very light weight and has no side effect at all.

How does Eye Secrets Eyelid Strips Work?

It neutralizes the excess of skin around the upper eyelids and make it look natural and youthful. The transparent light weight adhesive strips hold the skin and make your eyes appear more young and gentle.
The Eyelid Lift package consists of 64 eyelid lift strips, which are enough to last for month if used regularly.
To apply, push the eyelid and hood of excess skin to back of the eye socket, make it gentle and keep your eyes fully opened. Then apply the strips to the upper eyelid. It holds the excess skin giving the appearance of fully opened and fresh eyes. Remember when the eyes look young, you look young.

Benefits of Eye Secret Eyelid Lift

  • Instantly reduces wrinkles around eyes.
  • Gives fresh and fully opened look to your eyes.
  • Look and Feel younger.
  • Last all day long.
  • Reduce fluffiness around eyes.
  • Reduce wrinkles by 92% within a minute.
  • 100% natural.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Absolutely transparent.
  • Can be applied along with makeup.
  • For all eyes shapes.

How to apply Eyelid Lifter?

Step 1: Remove the strips
Press the cut line on the sheet at the end of the strip then end will pop-up.

Step 2: Apply strips on Eyelid
Apply the strips on your eyelid on the natural line of the eye. After correctly placed, strip will add support to the dropping eyelid skin. If you placed it wrongly, then don’t worry, just remove the strip and place it again. It will automatically adjust over your eyelid within a minute and you will be happy with results.

Step 3: Remove the strips
After the usages of full day when you want to remove the Eyelid lift strips, just grab the end of the strip with your nail and slowly pull it over. You can also use oil based eye makeup remover.

Eye Secret Eyelid Lift can be applied all by own, you don’t need any help to apply it. It is simple, easy and effective. But remember, it is recommended to remove your strips before going to sleep. The strips are very thin and adhesive in nature, they tightly hold your eyelids and perfectly shape your eyes to look younger. The strips are transparent and hence, invisible. Apply the strips solely or with makeup, it will lift your sagging, baggy eyes instantly.


How long does it last?

The strips work perfectly for 10-12 hours. Don’t worry, it doesn’t fall out suddenly after that time period. The strips hold the eyelid strongly but after long period of time they start to lose control very slowly, so don’t worry about sudden fall. Eyelid lifters are not permanent solutions but still they are the best.

Side Effects of  Eyelid Lifter

Eye Secret Eyelid Strips are coated with medical grade hypoallergic adhesive which eliminates all sort of side effects. The adhesive gel used in the strips eliminates the risks of irritation and hence it is completely safe to use. And can be re-applied also (if needed). You can use the strips frequently or occasionally depending upon your need.

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