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Things That People With Oily Skin Should Avoid


Why do we get oily skin?

Sebaceous glands present under the skin surface continuously produce an oily substance called Sebum. The sebum is composed of fat molecules. Sebum is important for our body because it maintains the moisture of our skin and keep our hair healthy and shiny. However, over production of sebum by sebaceous glands results in having oily or greasy face. Although production of sebum is a natural process, but hormone change, genetic, or stress may affect its level.

Things That People With Oily Skin Should Avoid

Oily skin and acne breakouts are tough to counter but constant treatment will surely make them go away. Here are some lists of activities that we should avoid to have oil free skin.

You Are Being More Stressed Than You Should Be

Nowadays, people lives have become more scheduled and busy. A lot of work and less time of ourselves may rise the stress in our daily life. Be it being anxious about your job or some fights with your loved ones, everything unpleasant about the things we care about can give you stress. When you are stressed, your body produces a stress hormone known as cortisol. Extra amount of cortisol in body causes the increment of too much oil on your face. Too much of oil can also result in skin acne and pimples on your face.
In 2007, students at Singapore discovered that the students who are going to excess exam pressure tents to gain more acne than they gain in summer breaks.
Dr. Flor A. Mayoral, a dermatologist and clinical instructor at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine says that “stress can aggravate the skin”. Even those who have never gone through any kind of skin problems can get excess of oil on their face due to lots of stress.

Are You Using the Right Skin Toner?

Almost every woman uses skin toner. Most of us never care the mechanism of how toners work. We just take it and apply it on our skin to get the perfect skin. It’s time for you to think through it and choose the right kind of toner for your skin. Usually toners completely dry your skin which good for normal people but for those who have oily skin, it’s a blunder to use skin toner on it. Your skin is habitat to be moist than usual, when you suddenly de-moisturize it with the toner, your skin starts producing even more oil to keep itself hydrated. That’s why it is recommended use natural remedies to clean your skin instead of chemically prepared toners. You can use aloe vera, with hazel, lemon juice instead of toners.

Use the Right Kind of Face Wash

Be considerate when you choose your face wash. Face wash for skin should be different from normal soap. Go for the face washes or soaps which are specially made for face skin. Too much harsh soap can remove excess of oil from the skin which in return will cause more oil production on skin. Choose the face wash with not so strong anti-acne ingredients in it, they will remove too much oil from the skin due to which your skin will produce more oil to keep itself hydrated. Oily skin can happen due to too much face wash or no face wash at all. That’s why you should do face wash twice a day to maintain the equilibrium.

Are You Consuming Too Much Diary?

Dairy products contain too much fat in it. That much consumption of fat increases the oil level on your skin that’s why you start getting oily face. The best way is to minimize the daily intake of dairy products such as butter, ghee, fat enriched milk, etc. There are plenty of pasteurized milks available in market which contains optimal fat in it or no fat at all. The suggestion would be to go for those dairy products. There are 60+ hormones in the milk, experts suggest that skim milk produces more acne. We are not recommending you to completely skip milk, but to choose the right kind of milk with low fat.

Makeup Blocks the Skin Pores

Cosmetics used on face as makeup has potential to clog the skin pores. This causes blockage of natural oil. In order to keep hydrated your skin started producing excess of oil. This results in getting excess of oil on your forehead and area around nose.
The recommended solution is to use light makeup or makeup suited for oily skin and wash your face thoroughly when the use of makeup is done. Even if you have to weak heavy make for some party, make sure to wash it off with cleanser to open the clogged pores. Use natural cleanser is recommended as they don’t dehydrate your skin in order to open the blocked skin pores.

Use the Right Kind of Moisturizer

No matter how much oily your skin is, keep in mind that you have to use moisturizer on it. If you don’t keep your skin hydrated, your skin will keep producing excess oil in order to keep itself moist. Thus, your greasy face will not be going anytime soon.
Try to use light, less oil or oil free moisturizer on your skin instead of applying greasy thick moisturizer. Liquid or gel moisturizer would be beneficial to counter the effects of oily skin. Apart from that you can use something natural like, raw, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil. It removes the stuck sebum from your pores resulting in decrement of grease from your face. Natural oil always proves to be helpful, because it tricks your skin as the oil is produced by itself and not manually applied.

Limit the Consumption of Alcohol

Intake of excess amount of alcohol increases the excess amount of oil on your skin. If words of Dr. Arleen Lamba, a skincare expert, to be believed then, you must know that the consumption of alcohol increases the heart index which results in warming of body and increasing in sweat. This results in the secretion of extra oil on your face.
You need to control your booze if you want your skin to be happy. As we all know health is wealth. So, eat healthy, drink healthy, and your skin will be healthy and so as your life.

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