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Top 5 Skin Tightening Herbs to Remove Wrinkles Naturally


Ageing is the natural factor that no human being can escape. It is also one of the life event which many people don’t want to pass. But no one is greater than nature, eventually everyone has to grow old. Common visual indications of ageing include loose skin, fine lines on skin, and wrinkles. Collagen in our skin losses its elasticity as we grow old, as a result, we start getting wrinkles. Although ageing is natural inescapable phenomena, there are some natural remedies which helps slow down the ageing process and leads to beautiful skin even in old age. The best part of their existence is that they are risk-less, and cheaper than cosmetic surgery or counter-majors for ageing which includes facial injection and expensive medication for tight skin.
Natural herbs from Mother nature are rich in diverse qualities that can tighten your skin, tone your skin and lift up the loose sagging skin, and thus removing wrinkles. Natural herbs have property to heal damaged skin and treat it so that your skin looks fresh and young for longer time.

Best Natural Remedies and Herbs to Remove Wrinkles

Mullein to Reduce Wrinkles


Mullein is the natural herb that is best known for its skin tightening property. Mullein tones your skin and increase circulation for healthy skin. It comes in supplement form of tinctures and drops. Loose mullein is also available in the market, you can buy them and make your own pastes or herbal tea. You can apply the pastes on your skin. Mullein oil contains vitamins, minerals, elastin and tannin; thus, making it a perfect natural wrinkle fighter.

Witch Hazel to Remove Wrinkles and Tighten Loose Skin


Witch Hazel is one of the best natural herb which act as an astringent with its powerful antioxidant properties and tightens your skin. It has natural quality to heal skin and reduce inflammation. Witch hazel is astringent herb which helps you reduce fine lines on skin, wrinkles and loose sagging skin. Witch Hazel is available in market at any drugstore. Use soft cotton balls to apply it on your face on the regular basis. This will tighten your skin, lifts up the sagging skin and reduce the wrinkles.

Grape Seed Extract for Young Skin


Grape seed extract is the natural herb which will remove wrinkles and sagging skin from your body. It effectively reduces the signs of fine lines from your skin and premature ageing (wrinkles). At normal scale, our body naturally produces collagen which keeps our skin firm and tight which gives us flexible, and youthful skin. As we grow old the rate of collagen production reduces and ultimately stops that results in wrinkles and sagging skin. Procyanidins is a compound that is present in grape seed extract which holds the collagen tightly. That’s why regular use of grape seed extract supplements reduces the wrinkles and tighten your loose sagging skin. It will help you remove the fine lines and stretch marks from the skin. Apart from that grape seed extract is also used to tone the skin.

Aloe Vera to Remove Wrinkles


Aloe Vera is considered to be one of the best treatment for ageing. Aloe Vera maintains the collagen production on your skin even if you grow old. Due to presence of collagen in your body, you still get youthful, toned and tight skin without any wrinkles. Aloe Vera is being used as anti-ageing supplements from many years to maintain the youthful looks. Aloe vera is the powerful natural moisture which enhance skin moisture and prevent dry skin and wrinkles. When applied on body, aloe vera maintains the collagen in your skin and thus, gives you perfect youthful skin. It even has antioxidant properties to protect your skin from developing wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

Green Tea to Reduce Wrinkles and Skin Tightening


Green tea is the natural skin tightening herb that is known to fight with all signs of ageing. It plumps, tone and lifts up your loose sagging skin and gives it a totally new fresh and young look. Green tea has antioxidants which slows down the ageing process by scavenging on free radicals present on your skin. Many skin care products in market consists of green tea as their core ingredients. Green tea fights with all the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles, loose skin, fine lines, acne etc. and gives you young and glowing skin after regular use.

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Ageing is a natural process and it is beyond the control of human being for now. But these certain natural remedies will help you control it to certain extent. So, give them a try and be young and healthy for as long as you can. One more thing to keep in mind that only herbs will not be enough for you to get young skin, you also need to maintain proper diet plane to achieve it. Because we all know, health is wealth and a good healthy life is only attainable through good healthy food.

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